“I am leaving with renewed clarity and relief.”


“A+” the best workshop I have ever been to.”


“Great mix of discussion and exercises.”


“Eye-opener.”A lot of new ideas I never thought of before.”


“These essential tools are going to be HUGE as I embark on my new journey with the kittens.”


“Heart-warming, inspiring, so true and compassionate!”


“Absolutely perfect! Educational, helpful, and fun! Can’t wait to share what I learned with others.”


“Love the message.I feel more understanding of others here already.”


“Thought-provoking and encouraging.Very clear and well-organized.”


“Loved it! This really helps to have a reality check, sort of get out of our heads, and have a more positive perspective on life.”


“I found I could really now understand how to help myself and others around me.”


“It was great! I feel like we are all now on the same page.”


“Great specifics on what we can do that will help ourselves and in turn help the animals.”

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