If you’re a veterinarian or vet tech, a rescue shelter worker, a dog trainer, a pet sitter or dog walker, a boarding kennel or doggie daycare worker, a nonprofit manager or board member, an animal companion—or any kind of animal lover, you’ve come to the right place.

Taking care of your compassionate heart is like training for a marathon. As you love, advocate for and work with animals, you’ll inevitably feel the grief of loss, struggle to get along with people and try to do more than is humanly possible. You have to refresh your compassionate heart and pace yourself for the long haul, or you’ll burn out.


Self-care is just one part of a comprehensive strategy for training for this “marathon.” In my workshop, Refresh Your Compassionate Heart: The Essential Guide for Animal Lovers, Advocates and Experts, you’ll go beyond self-care. You’ll learn powerful exercises drawn from psychology and neurobiology to help your heart heal and refresh over and over again so you can continue to do the life-saving work you love.


My essential guide isn’t a book, it’s an in-person workshop. You can choose to work with me in a private one-on-one workshop or in a group workshop. Read on to find out which one is right for you. To schedule a workshop or to ask any questions, contact me. I’m so excited to begin working with you or your organization!


If you’re experiencing pet loss or feeling overwhelmed by your work with animals, this workshop will give you time and space to acknowledge what’s going on for you, sort through often conflicting thoughts and emotions, and identify strategies for moving through negative feelings into resilience, confidence, strength and even joy. It’s essential to take care of your compassionate heart so you can take care of the animals.  

Workshop details:

For: 1-2 people

Where: Meet with me in person at my restorative workshop space in Palos Park, Illinois (Chicago); or we can talk via phone or Skype

When: Next-day appointments are available, including evenings and weekends

Cost: $225 for 2-hour workshop or $425 for half-day workshop customized just for you


  • Additional follow-up fee-for-service sessions can be scheduled as needed at $120 per hour

  • Cash, check or credit card accepted at time of service; payment plans available

  • These are not insurance-reimbursable psychotherapy sessions; there is no medical diagnosis given. Individuals looking for traditional insurance-reimbursed counseling/psychotherapy with a medical diagnosis are advised to call the phone number on their insurance card to get referrals to professionals who are in their insurance company’s network.


group HALF-DAY & one-day workshopS

Animal caregivers, advocates and professionals experience high levels of stress. Support them and reduce turnover in your organization by providing your team with proven strategies for managing compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma. Group workshops offer participants time and space to acknowledge challenges, establish healthy support systems and identify strategies for developing resilience, confidence and strength. Help your team celebrate the joy in working with animals!

Workshop details:

For: 3-8 people | Where: Meet with me in person at my restorative workshop space in Palos Park, Illinois (Chicago)

For: Up to 25 people | Where: I travel locally, nationally and internationally to give a one-day workshop on site at your organization; travel expenses are an additional charge

When: Schedule group workshops with me 1 week to 1 year in advance

Cost: $425 for half-day / $850 for full-day. $15 per participant fee applies; includes the book The Power of Joy in Giving to Animals and workshop materials; lunch is on their own


  • Cash, check or credit card accepted

  • When organizations are covering the cost of services for employees, arrangements can be made for billing.


pet loss support group

If you live in the Chicago area, you’re welcome to attend the WINGS Pet Loss Support group, sponsored by the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association. I’ve been co-facilitating the group for more than a decade.

First Wednesday of every month

7:30 p.m.

100 Tower Dr., Burr Ridge, Ill.  

Free; no reservations needed


“Heart-warming, inspiring, so true and compassionate!”

“A+” the best workshop I have ever been to.”

“Loved it! This really helps to have a reality check, sort of get out of our heads, and have a more positive perspective on life.”

Dr. Linda Harper

Consultants in Applied Psychology

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